Energy as Managed Service E.ON Connecting Energies

Energy as a managed service from E.ON Connecting Energies

Does your organization have ambitious CO₂ reduction targets? Do you want to cut the energy cost of your business or institution? Are you concerned about security of energy supply for your processes? We can help you manage the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the new energy landscape by optimizing the energy infrastructure at your facilities and delivering tangible energy savings to you.

Integrated Energy Solutions

Reduce energy costs and CO₂ emissions for your business

Every business, production site or building is different, comes with different needs and different challenges. We provide end-to-end energy as a managed service and the best solution for your particular needs guaranteeing you energy, CO₂ and cost savings.

Optimised Energy Effiency

Energy Efficiency for sustainable energy savings

Reducing your energy consumption can significantly contribute to the success of your business. We can identify the energy savings potential across your estate. We can optimize your existing asset base and design, finance and implement projects to retrofit or replace your asset base, boosting your efficiency further.

Our On-site Generation Solutions

Let us produce your energy where you need it: On-site Generation

Generating energy directly at your facilities can help you reduce cost, improve the quality and ensure security of supply. We can design, build, own and operate on your premises the plant and equipment necessary to supply you with the energy you need.

Remote energy management Marks & Spencer

Energy savings for leading UK department store chain

We are working together with Marks & Spencer and have already realised 34% of energy savings.

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