integrated energy solutions

Who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

E.ON Connecting Energies is a business unit of E.ON that offers integrated energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers as well as public-sector institutions internationally.

End-consumers continue to be worried about climate change and air pollution. Businesses and public-sector organizations face rising energy cost and are concerned over security of energy supply. Governments are responding with new regulation and frequent policy changes. New technologies emerge that help to further reduce energy consumption or make clean energy more affordable. All of this is increasingly difficult to manage – in particular if you do not specialise in energy like we do.

The mission of E.ON Connecting Energies is to help our B2B and public-sector customers manage the challenges and leverage the opportunities of this new complex energy world. To this end, we build on the know-how and experience of E.ON as a major international energy company and exploit innovative technologies, such as machine-to-machine communications and data analytics, to provide you with Integrated Energy Solutions that will deliver tangible cost benefits to you.

As a provider of energy as a managed service, we make life-time energy and operating cost savings happen across the energy infrastructure of your facilities and provide you with an underwriting for the identified savings potential.

We use data analytics capabilities to reduce your energy consumption and cost. We design, finance and manage projects to boost the efficiency of your asset base. We develop, build, finance and also operate and maintain assets to generate energy more efficiently directly at your sites.

As energy system integrator, we are technology agnostic and vendor-independent, allowing us to leverage any proven, cutting-edge technology to develop the best possible solution for you, whilst maintaining a strong focus on your business case.

As a provider of integrated energy solutions, we can offer you a complete solutions package to design, build, finance, operate and optimise energy-consuming and energy-generating equipment and systems at your facilities – whether you operate sales outlets, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, office buildings, data centres, hotels, hospitals or universities.

As data and IT-driven energy solutions company, we can monetise the flexibility of your asset base on our VPP and DRM platforms.

Why E.ON Connecting Energies?

Savings guaranteeWe underwrite identified energy savings potential.
IndependenceWe are a system integrator – technology agnostic and not affiliated to any OEM.
Intelligent solutionsWe leverage cutting-edge technology in order to develop the best possible solution for you with a focus on your business case.
Integrated servicesWe can offer you a complete solutions package for your energy problems.
FinancingWe will finance the investments necessary to make our solutions happen.
International presenceWe can serve your facilities internationally.
Track record & reliabilityWe have a demonstrated track record of delivering on our promises and are a strong partner being part of a major international energy company.