The Board of Management of E.ON SE

The E.ON Board of Management has in place policies and procedures for the business it conducts. The E.ON Board of Management manages the business of the Company, with all its members bearing joint responsibility for its decisions. The Board of Management establishes the Company's objectives, sets its fundamental strategic direction, and is responsible for corporate policy and Group organization. This includes, in particular, the management of the Group and its financial resources, the development of its human resources strategy, the appointment of persons to management posts within the Group, and the development of its managerial staff, as well as the presentation of the Group to the capital market and to the public at large. In addition, the Board of Management is responsible for coordinating and supervising the Group's units in accordance with the Group's established strategy.

The Board of Management regularly reports to the Supervisory Board on a timely and comprehensive basis on all issues of corporate planning, business development, risk assessment, and risk management. It also submits the Group's investment, finance, and personnel plan for the coming fiscal year (as well as the medium-term plan) to the Supervisory Board for its approval at the last meeting of each fiscal year.