Energy solutions

Integrated energy solutions – a holistic approach

We take a holistic perspective on your energy needs – whether you need light, heat, steam, cooling, refrigeration, pressurized air or simply power. If you outsource the operations of your energy infrastructure to us, we will design a tailored solutions package that fits your specific situation to achieve the optimal overall results for you – with a focus on your business case.

Energy efficiency: Optimize your energy assets

Energy Effiency for sustainable energy savings

Reducing your energy consumption can significantly contribute to the success of your business. We can identify the energy savings potential across your estate. We can optimize your existing asset base and design, finance and implement projects to retrofit or replace your asset base, boosting your efficiency further.

On-site generation solutions

Let us produce your energy where you need it: On-site Generation

Generating the power, heat, steam, cooling, chilling or pressurized air directly at your facilities can help you reduce cost, improve energy quality and ensure security of supply. We can design, build, own and operate on your premises the plant and equipment necessary to supply you with the energy you need.

Virtual Power Plant platform: flexible energy solutions

Flexibility & Virtual Power Plants

You may tap into a new income stream simply by temporarily adjusting the use of the energy-consuming and energy-generating assets that are installed at your facilities. We can connect your assets to our VPP platform and help you to monetize the value of this flexibility in the energy markets.