Energy Storage Solution Pellworm (Photographer: Carsten Bernot)

Energy Storage

Rising renewable penetration together with customers push for decentralized solutions are driving the need for energy storage solutions and flexibility across the entire energy system.

In decentralized systems, power – which is greener and greener everyday – is no longer exclusively produced by huge centralized power stations owned by utilities. We are now transitioning to an environment where potentially everyone is able to produce and store green and cost competitive power. The volatile and intermittent nature of renewables creates a challenge for our customers’ business and therefore grids need to become even more smart and flexible to minimize the impact on their operations.

By storing your energy, E.ON Connecting Energies can continue to ensure the alignment between power supply and your power demand.

How our energy storage solutions work

Storage allows you to decouple the supply and demand of power. By storing your energy we can give you access to multiple revenue pools through a range of different applications, including:

  • Peak shaving to reduce grid charges and peak power prices
  • Increasing self-consumption to reduce dependency on the grid
  • Load levelling to control renewable and on-site generation ramp rates
  • Imbalance management to stabilize generation and/or sales portfolios
  • Back-up generation
  • Provision of ancillary services to earn revenues by contributing to national and regional grid stabilization and power quality
  • Price arbitrage to take advantage of market volatility

What we do to improve your business

Our starting point is to gain a detailed understanding of your needs: What is your business? What processes are you running? What can we optimise? What are your constraints and targets?

Together with you, we then identify and quantify the additional value which can be originated by leveraging the flexibility offered by the introduction of energy storage solutions:

  • We analyse and prioritize the applications and revenue pools which you can access.
  • We compare different storage technologies and options to manage all the specific applications you will be focusing on and to maximize their value creation.
  • We identify the preferred storage solution and develop it, always taking care of all technical, commercial and financial aspects.
  • We take the leadership and leverage global supply chains in the implementation phase where we split the full scope of services in multiple lots allocating different responsibilities to the preferred suppliers and partners while managing all these interfaces.
  • We provide an energy management system to smartly steer the offered energy storage solution and thus allow the targeting of multiple revenue pools and assure a smooth integration of new assets into your processes.
  • We manage and maintain your assets and warranties.
  • We provide market access for the applications and revenue streams which serve national and regional markets therefore maximising the value that the asset can generate.

Energy Storage is not the only Integrated Energy Solution E.ON Connecting Energies can offer you.

To find out more or if you want to learn more about your individual solution opportunities, please contact us:

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