Reckitt Benckiser - reduced carbon footprint

Reckitt Benckiser hits target to reduce carbon footprint

Reckitt Benckiser Group opts for a tailored solution including a new 1.5 MW plant that is designed, installed, monitored and financed by us. The new plant provides heat and power and saves energy costs and carbon emissions significantly.

Goglio clean energy

Goglio saves costs and carbon with new Daverio plant

A new CHP plant at Goglio's Daverio site generates electricity and heat, including chilled and hot water supply for Goglio’s production process, whilst at the same time ensures significant savings in electricity prices and annual energy bills.

remote energy management

Energy savings for leading UK department store chain

We are working together with Marks & Spencer and have already realised 34% of energy savings.

Biomass Heat Technology

Unipart Group

Unipart Group saves carbon emissions of 92% per year through our biomass heat technology.

CRC compliance

We manage CRC compliance for Deutsche Bank UK

We signed a 3-year contract with Deutsche Bank UK to manage its Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) compliance for phase one of the government's energy efficiency scheme.

Future of Energy in London

Public Sector

The public sector holds a massive potential to reduce energy and cost. Various projects show our approach to those specific needs.