Remote Energy Management

Marks & Spencer

Delivery of 34% energy savings for leading UK department store chain.


Marks & Spencer (“M&S”) is one of the UK’s leading retailers with 550 department stores directly operated in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and over 1,200 stores worldwide. M&S offers own brand clothing, home products and food.

Energy challenge

In 2007, M&S launched their “Plan A” sustainability and environmental initiative with key objectives to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency and become carbon neutral across their operations. Since then, M&S has introduced further iterations of “Plan A”. Building on the first seven years of “Plan A”, M&S launched a set of new and revised commitments under the banner “Plan A 2020” in June 2014. In terms of energy efficiency, the new 2020 target is to halve energy consumption in UK and Republic of Ireland buildings, compared to fiscal year 2006/07, and to reduce energy consumption of the international estate by 20% versus 2014.

Our solution

Since the launch of “Plan A” in 2007, we have worked with M&S continuously across the UK to make their energy efficiency ambitions happen.

In 2007, M&S retained us to design, develop and install a single, automated data platform to give management greater visibility of the electricity and gas consumption across the entire estate by combining energy interval data with feeds to other key parameters that influence the stores’ energy performance, such as regional weather, customer footfall, sales space and dates of key events, like retail development and modernization projects. The system we developed and implemented for M&S supports M&S’ ISO 50001 energy management processes and can be accessed by a wide audience, including store-level management, retail management, store designers and contractors.

The scope of the energy management agreement we have with M&S has evolved significantly, since then, to take account of the changing needs of the retail environment and to ensure that all energy savings are sustained and do not drift over time. Under the terms of the agreement, we are providing a comprehensive managed service around energy to M&S, including:

  • An embedded team of “Regional Energy Managers” for all UK stores: We are providing a team of over 10 “Regional Energy Managers” who are fully embedded in M&S’ day-to-day operations. Each of them is responsible for managing, on behalf of M&S, the consumption budget of electricity, gas and water for a specified store portfolio, including identifying potential further efficiency improvements for consideration by M&S. On top of that, they diagnose and manage faults on site and engage with the retail managers and store staff to constantly promote energy awareness and best practice compliance.
  • Remote energy management services for all UK stores: We have connected the lighting, HVAC and sub metering systems of all 550 UK stores via M&S’ IT WAN to our central UK Energy Management Centre in Glasgow. From there, our dedicated team of energy specialists are operating and managing alarms and exceptions across M&S UK estate on a 24/7 basis to ensure compliance with agreed comfort and energy policies.
  • Management and maintenance of M&S’ energy management system: We continue to develop, manage and support M&S’ comprehensive energy management system. All energy relevant data is stored in this system and can be reported and analysed via dashboards, charts, downloads or printouts.

Key achievements

  • Substantial avoided energy costs as well as reduced CO₂ emissions since 2007
  • 34% reduction in energy consumption versus the base year on a like-for-like basis
  • 27% reduction in water consumption versus the base year on a like-for-like basis
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs across a large estate
  • Unified energy management and data platform accredited to ISO 50001 for all sites
  • Design and delivery of various capital investment projects with tracked, proven ROIs