Energy Efficiency: We make your energy savings happen.

What tool can offer you lower carbon emissions, help you to cut your energy bill and allows you to reduce your operating and maintenance cost – all while more than paying for itself? The answer is simple: energy efficiency.

We provide intelligent energy efficiency solutions for the international estate of commercial, industrial and public-sector customers – whether you operate retail outlets, production facilities or manufacturing plants, logistics and distribution centres, telecom exchanges or data centres, hospitals, universities or office buildings.

We offer full, enterprise-wide energy data transparency. We identify your energy savings potential and optimize your existing asset base. We design and implement projects to boost the efficiency of your energy infrastructure and underwrite the expected savings to ensure you benefit from life-time energy and operating cost savings of 20-40% on average and we can finance the necessary investments so that you do not have to spend any money upfront.

We make your energy savings happen.

A full range of intelligent solutions

Energy efficiency: Optimize your energy assets

Energy efficiency: We make your energy savings happen

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Data monitoring & analysis

Knowledge is power. That is why we create data transparency for you.

Our energy management software platform provides you with asset-level information on energy use, environmental data and asset performance across your entire estate – whether you operate one or one thousand sites. It allows you to take informed decisions, to actively manage all of your facilities and to track the return on investment from any energy conservation measures as well as maintenance and improvement activities on your energy infrastructure in one single place. The key advantage: It is extremely flexible and open. We can process data from any data source. So, there is no need to replace your existing site infrastructure.

On top of that, we combine the energy data that we stream from your international sites with other information that impacts your energy usage: your operational data such as your opening hours, shift patterns etc., environmental and weather data such as temperature or humidity, and calendar data such as week days and public holidays. Deploying data analytics and state of the art software systems, we use this information to identify energy consumption trends and energy savings potential across your estate. Our data platform can also support your utility bill verification processes and can help you to improve the effectiveness of your facility maintenance decisions.

Demand-side strategies & consulting

Your business is different than any other – we understand that. This is why our energy experts investigate, together with you, the options for specific energy efficiency measures. We verify the potential identified by our monitoring and analysis measures through site visits and confirm with you the process requirements and comfort objectives for each of your facilities. We always take the energy and operational landscape into account. Moreover, we consider behavior and regulation aspects to finally design a fit for purpose program of initiatives covering all building technologies.

24/7 remote control & optimization

Our energy management platform is a software system that does not only provide you with visualization, data transparency and analytics in one single place. It is a fully integrated system that also allows us to offer you enterprise-wide remote control and optimization of your energy infrastructure as a managed service.

Our energy experts design and agree with you the optimal energy policy that meets your process requirements and comfort objectives and minimizes your energy consumption. From one of our Energy Management Centres we effect automated control changes to optimize temperature set-points and thresholds, air flow parameters, lighting schedules etc. in each of your facilities across your entire estate in line with this energy policy. We provide you with round-the-clock energy management and 24/7 technical assistance from our Energy Management Centres, managing alarms and giving fast remote support when there is a problem. And we continuously monitor and optimize the energy assets on your premises using intelligent algorithms as well as leveraging the experience of our experts in the Energy Management Centres to fight what we call “energy drift” – the slippage in performance of your energy infrastructure that will occur over time if it is not properly maintained on a continuous basis after its initial optimization. We thus pre-empt energy wastage and ensure your energy and operating cost savings are sustained.

Over 65,000 pieces of plant across more than 31,000 site connections to our Energy Management Centres internationally demonstrate we can achieve remarkable long-term savings for our customers.

Solution design & project management

We design, procure and install new highly efficient assets and systems to further boost the energy efficiency of your facilities. We address the main energy assets, which account for 95% of building energy consumption:

  • Building energy management systems (BEMS) and controls
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air-conditioning
  • Compressed air
  • Boilers
  • Electrical motors and drives
  • Chillers
  • Compressors
  • Air handling units
  • UPS systems

As systems integrator, we are technology agnostic and not affiliated with any OEM. We put our entire breadth of capabilities to work and will leverage cutting-edge technology available in the market in order to develop a tailored solutions package that fits your specific situation and is designed to achieve the optimal overall results for you – with a focus on your business case. Having designed the solution, we can manage technical modernization projects on your behalf or we can also finance the investments necessary to upgrade your energy infrastructure – whatever you prefer.

With our energy management software platform, you can track the performance of these investments – on-line and live. If you want, we even provide you with an underwriting for the identified savings potential: You only pay us for our services and investment a portion of the actual savings that we deliver to you year after year – making your energy savings happen and ensuring they are sustained through continuous remote control and further optimization. And, as your international energy solutions partner, we can deliver our solutions to you at scale across your estate.

Operation & maintenance

Energy efficiency does not stop with the implementation of efficiency measures. Remote, proactive and regular operation and maintenance regimes are fundamental to protect the realized savings and maintain the optimal state. During the lifetime of your building(s) and assets we take care of the operation and maintenance of the key technologies to ensure ongoing savings and fight "energy drift".

Your benefits at a glance

  • Energy cost savings: Significant reduction of energy cost from reduced energy consumption
  • Lower carbon emissions: Improved carbon footprint from lower energy usage and waste
  • Reduced operating cost: Data transparency to support maintenance decisions and O&M as a managed service
  • Optimized use of capital: Data transparency to take fact-based investment decisions and track ROI
  • Smart solutions: Data-driven, flexible technologies, leveraging and optimizing your existing asset base
  • Funded solutions: No investment required from your side into non-core, energy-infrastructure projects
  • Underwritten savings: No risk and fully aligned interests – solutions that pay for themselves
  • Integrated energy management platform: A single platform for your energy data across your entire estate
  • Best technology: E.ON is a system integrator – technology-agnostic and independent from any OEM
  • Scalable solutions: One partner for energy efficiency across your sites internationally
  • Continuous optimization: Remote control and optimization to ensure your savings are sustained

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