Integrated Energy Solutions – a holistic approach to life-time energy and operating cost savings

There are many different ways to reduce energy consumption. You can focus on your facilities’ energy management systems. You can target the different energy-consuming units on your premises, such as lighting systems, heating systems, ventilation and air handling units, air conditioning systems and chillers, compressors or motors, or you can install waste heat recovery systems. There are also many different ways to generate your energy more efficiently on your sites with high efficiency boilers, combined heat and power plants, gas-fired engines and gas or steam turbines, with heat pumps or with photovoltaics. On top of that, there may be “hidden” flexibility in the power usage of the energy infrastructure of your operations that you may be able to convert into cash.

You can try to explore all of these angles separately, developing and implementing some solutions yourself and retaining a myriad of OEMs and service providers to assist you on others. As a result, you will have to deal with the complexity of managing all these individual solutions and counterparties, which will add cost to your business and eat up some of your savings. More importantly, you will end up with partial solutions that are each designed to achieve their individual objectives, without regard to the overall optimum on a facility level, let alone on an enterprise level. In fact, some of these silo solutions may even work against each other in the same building or on the same site.

E.ON Connecting Energies can provide you with an integrated energy solution, taking a holistic perspective on your energy needs, your process requirements and your comfort objectives in each of your facilities and across your entire estate.

How does it work?

It all starts with you. The path to an integrated energy solution begins with clarifying your energy needs – whether your processes or facilities require simply electricity or light, heating, cooling, refrigeration, steam or pressurized air. With your assistance, we will establish your process requirements and your comfort objectives. We will review the actual conditions at your sites and review the historical operating and maintenance cost of your existing energy infrastructure. Our energy consultants will analyse the situation for you, discuss our initial findings and, based on your further input and feedback, develop and recommend a way forward.

Focus on your core business – we take care of your energy

E.ON Connecting Energies is a systems integrator. We are technology agnostic and we are not affiliated with any OEM. We will put our entire breadth of capabilities to work and will leverage cutting-edge technology available in the market in order to design a tailored solutions package that fits your specific situation and is designed to achieve the optimal overall results for you – with a focus on your business case.

Depending on your situation and your needs, our solutions package will combine various Energy Efficiency measures to right-size your energy demand. Since we are a provider of energy as a managed service, we will focus on the optimization of your existing asset base before we will review the return of new efficiency investment projects. By the same token, we will analyse the energy and operating cost of your existing energy infrastructure with a view to identifying upside potential from you outsourcing the operation and maintenance to us. On top of that, we will consider adding new On-site Generation solutions, including renewable technologies, if and to the extent this will allow you to meet your CO2 emission targets, lower your cost further and deliver attractive investment returns. At the same time, our energy experts will identify and discuss with you possible sources of flexibility embedded in your energy infrastructure, including your back-up or non-essential power supply, which may give you additional cash income when monetized on our Virtual Power Plant platform.

We will combine all of our findings into one comprehensive, integrated solution, taking into consideration potential interdependencies as well as synergies between the various measures and individual technologies.

We make your energy savings happen

Our mission is to deliver a tangible cost benefits to you. Our service does therefore not end with the development of a technical concept. Based on our site surveys and data analyses, you will receive from us a full proposal for an integrated solution including both technology recommendation and commercial offer, along with a suggested process and timetable for the implementation.

Once approved by you, we will move into execution mode: Based on your priorities and business requirements, our project management experts will prepare a detailed schedule for the individual work packages – optimization projects, investment projects, transitioning operations under an outsourcing arrangement – with the aim of minimizing any disruption to your day-to-day operations. We will then set our delivery teams in motion and will continuously monitor and control the execution progress. We will meet with you on a regular basis to report to you until the solution is fully implemented.

Once implemented, our O&M teams will manage the day-to-day operations of the implemented solutions and handle the related maintenace activities in close aligment with you in order to avoid your estate suffer from “energy drift” – the gradual shift of the optimized system back into a suboptimal state.

The additional key benefits of working with us on the implementation of the solution:

  • We can offer you a complete solutions package including financing of any investements necessary to realize the identified energy savings.
  • We can realize the proposed measures at scale and help you roll out the integrated solution across your international sites whilst taking into consideration the individual needs of your local facilities and differences in relevant national regulation.
  • Where the solution includes an energy savings guarantee, we will underwrite the efficiency potential that we identify. This means you will only pay us a share of the savings that we are actually generating for you, year after year. The graph below explains how you benefit from an energy savings guarantee.
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