On-site Generation: We generate clean, reliable and cost-efficient energy for you where you need it.

In your business, you face numerous strategic and operational challenges every day: intense global competition, cost pressure, changing customer needs, attracting and retaining skilled labour. Wouldn’t you want your organization to focus their resources on dealing with these problems and have an expert take care of something that should be the least of your worries – how to secure clean, reliable and cost-efficient energy for your operations?

Our core business is to supply industrial, commercial and public-sector customers with energy that we generate for them directly on their premises with clean technologies – whether they need heat, steam, cooling, refrigeration, pressurized air or power. We offer bespoke on-site energy supply solutions – life-time energy and operating savings as well as CO₂ reductions – without reliance on the power grid and with no investment required from you so that you can invest your capital in your core business.

Cogeneration - Combined heat and power (CHP)

Clean technologies

We are a system integrator – technology agnostic and not affiliated with any OEM. We design the solution that will deliver the best results to you, based on state of the art, tried and trusted technology – although we always have an eye on innovation.

We start by understanding your site and your processes with our team of industry experts – not just how much energy you use but also how you consume it. We then use iterative modeling integrating your consumption data and forecasts to design a bespoke solution specific to your site requirements. And it is the combination of the right technologies with your site requirements and infrastructure that will provide the solution that best fits your specific needs.

On-site generation technologies that we specialize in include:

  • Cogeneration – combined heat and power (CHP)
    • Reciprocating gas engines
    • Gas turbines – also in combined cycle (CCGT)
    • Steam turbines
  • Trigeneration – combined cooling, heating and power (CHCP)
  • Boilers
  • Waste heat recovery systems (e.g. Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Heat pumps
    • Ground source heat pumps
    • Air source heat pumps
  • Chillers
    • Electrical chillers
    • Absorption chillers
  • Photovoltaics – solar PV
  • Fuel cells
CHP Plant

Energy supply models

We are a solution provider offering energy as a managed service. Our on-site generation solutions cover the entire value chain – from design and engineering over procurement, financing and installation to operation and maintenance – and they do not only focus on new plant and equipment.

We also take over existing on-site generation units from our customers and manage, own and operate them on their behalf – so that they can focus on what they do best and invest their capital into their core business.

The long-term partnership models we enter into with our customers include:

  • Energy Supply Contracting – We will generate the energy output you need with the technology we have agreed to install on your site based on your requirements and objectives. We will supply the energy output from the on-site generation facility to you under guaranteed conditions. Should the technology we have selected together with you require primary energy input (e.g. gas) you may, at your discretion, provide the primary energy to us or choose to source it from us.
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO) Contracting – We will design an on-site generation solution based on your specifications and will procure, build, finance, own as well as operate and maintain it for you. We may lease the plant and equipment to you, or provide you with the output from it on the basis of a tolling arrangement or an energy supply contract depending on your preferences.
  • Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Contracting – We will design an on-site generation solution for you and will procure, build and also operate and maintain it for you. You will arrange the financing and own the plant and equipment.

As a solution provider, we are flexible. We are happy to structure with you the contract model that best fits your needs – including design & build; build, own, operate & transfer etc. By the same token, our flexible approach on day to day operations shall combine the most beneficial option, i.e. including your existing staff.

On-site Generation Benefits   Zoom Image

Your benefits at a glance

  • Cost savings: Significant reduction of life-time energy and operating cost from optimized on-site solutions
  • Operational excellence: Maximum availability and reliability through 24/7 remote control and maintenance to optimize your energy balance
  • Free capital: No investment required from your side into non-core, energy-infrastructure projects
  • Green & clean energy: Sustainable and renewable technologies and optimized rate of energy utilization – less carbon emissions
  • Best technology: E.ON is a system integrator – technology-agnostic and independent from any OEM
  • Flexible solutions: Lease, project-finance and off-balance solutions possible
  • Less risk: Secure energy supply and guaranteed performance of our assets
  • Continuous optimization: We constantly optimize our solutions during their useful life subject to energy market and regulatory changes
  • Implementation know-how: Execution in time and on budget of complex energy projects is our daily business