Flexibility, Ancillary Services & Virtual Power Plants

The rapid change from centralized energy systems towards decentralized energy supply as well as the expansion of renewable energies or other flexible participants enable us to place your asset flexibility in different markets.

What is flexibility?

The possibility to adapt energy production and energy consumption according to price changes or other external signals is called flexibility and serves the purpose of stabilizing the grid. Our Virtual Power Plant aggregates the flexibility of numerous customers and offers net-supporting services in order to relieve the energy system.

How does the Virtual Power Plant work?

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) integrates various decentralized energy production or consumption units with the help of advanced communication technology. Every asset is steered through a central control room. Within this technology, we aggregate the flexibility up to the required minimum amount of power, thus also smaller assets gain the opportunity to actively participate in the flexibility market.

Our VPP platform is not only used for the aggregation of typical generation plants (CHPs, gas turbines, biogas plants), consumers can participate in our VPP as reliable flexibility sources too. We develop and maintain our system continuously and are therefore able to respond to market changes quickly. Moreover, the VPP system can integrate almost every asset type.

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What happens between the physical connection and commercialisation?

As a first step, we have a closer look at your current situation, especially your technical equipment. With the help of these insights, we identify your local optimization and flexibility potential. E.ON Connecting Energies considers all relevant flexibility sources (controllable electronic loads, storage systems or generation plants) and bundles them in an optimized marketing concept. Furthermore, we take all technical and operational limitations (e.g. local heat restrictions) into account.

A successful analysis phase is followed by the physical connection and final integration into our Virtual Power Plant. The E.ON ComBox acts as the physical gadget which enables us to connect every single asset to our VPP platform. After the physical integration, the asset has to pass through the prequalification process. This procedure assures that the asset fulfills all requirements for a participation in the flexibility market. The VPP Team actively supports this process until the final release through the respective TSO. After a successful prequalification process, we commercialize your flexibility.

In close contact with our customers, we decide to what extent we market your flexibility. It is important that our customers have the final decision over their assets and decide how to steer them. Upcoming Outages or change in the timetables can be announced through our VPP Online-Portal or via Smartphone App.

Your possibilities with the VPP

As a part of our Virtual Power Plant, your flexibility helps to stabilise the electricity system by either producing or consuming more or less electricity on demand – and you get paid for providing this valuable service. Once connected into our Virtual Power Plant you can also earn money as we optimise your flexibility against wholesale power markets, or you can save money as we deploy your flexibility for grid fee reduction.

Stabilising the electricity system

In order to make sure that the electricity system is stable at all times, the Transmission System Operator(s) (TSO) use different mechanisms. In Germany and the UK ancillary services are used by the responsible TSOs to balance fluctuations in the electricity grid and thus maintain network frequency of 50 Hertz (e.g. deviations from forecasts of renewable energies). Each of the accessible markets has different requirements and the E.ON VPP will aggregate all available flexibility and use the optimal marketing strategy for each asset while sticking to all technical restrictions.

Wholesale market (Day-Ahead, Intraday)

Short-term trade is executed at the spot market, which includes the Day-Ahead market and also the intraday market.

The day-ahead market covers the trade of certain generated power quantities (based on consumption forecasts) for a next day delivery. Bidding window for this next day delivery closes at 12am of the current day.

The intraday market performs as an auction platform for same day electricity delivery. It is possible to trade the power up to one hour before the actual delivery, compensating upcoming forecast deviations (on the day-ahead auctions) or outages announced on short notice.

We have extensive experience in energy trading and are familiar with forecast deviation too, so that we can optimize your revenues from power input through smart bidding. Operational and technical restrictions of your assets stay important and our customer finally decides how to use its capacity.

Peak load management

There are considerable costs associated with using the energy grid. In addition to the costs actually incurred, the yearly peak load will decide on the arising total costs. The integration into our E.ON VPP system can noticeably reduce these costs.

The principle of this peak load regulation is simple - the exceedance of a jointly agreed reference value automatically activates a local flexibility source (e.g. emergency generator). This flexibility asset counteracts the peak load and thereby reduces it within the billing-relevant quarter.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • New revenues: We monetise your energy flexibility.
  • Local optimisation: We reduce your life-time energy and operating costs.
  • CO2 reduction: You can contribute to reducing the need for traditional power plants and enable more renewable generation.
  • Efficient use of capital: Little investment required from yourside into non-core, energy infrastructure projects.
  • Fast implementation: Our standardised system components allow for a simple implementation, with no disruption to your core business.
  • Best technologies: We offer technology-agnostic integration of any type of flexible energy asset.
  • Proven reliability: We have a strong track record with 24/7 remote control and access to value pools.
  • Continuous optimisation: Our systems are developed in-house and continuously adapted to market changes.

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